Spa Management

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The final thing your business wants is suitable software. IWS addresses all of your technology wants during a single package. Your team members from the front desk to center managers to company employees like marketing and finance heads work seamlessly together. One dashboard of metrics informs the whole organization, and shares across locations to deal with business problems proactively.

Make your booking easy and convenient with the best spa management solution software accessible. With this solution let your customers decide how they want to book appointment with your spa.

We know your business as well as the technology we created to serve it. We have a tendency to start with the baseline of verified ways and designed them into one strong system designed to fulfill your business need. We took best practices and incorporated them into software that answers your every question.

Our spa software fulfils everything you need in a single package

Reporting and analytics
IWS provides you analytics software that allows you to take actionable decision by researching on available or stored data. You will have a complete access to the reports and dashboard that are updated and accurate which eradicates the manual efforts to record data outside the system.

Billing and Payment mode
Billing and payment system in the software provides you faster seamless checkout experience for your customers as well as staff. Better customer experience and easier accounting with secured transfer of payment system you get with our software.

Return on investment
With the help of these reports you can easily reduce your expenses and improve your return on investment. The system gives you accurate information about your income and expenses and accordingly you can utilize this advantage of transparency.

Lounge management
The software allows you to co ordinate with the customers according to the availability of room and lounge so as to reduce the chaos and confusion.

Customer management
You can easily keep record of every customer and system provides with an option where you can seamlessly know customers had an appointment or simply walked in.

Staff attendance
Our spa management software allows keeping a track on staff’s attendance not only on a daily basis or weekly but also in real time or live. It helps you to grow and manage your employees efficiently.

Membership management
Spa management is easiest way to manage your members as it reminds you about your (abc) customers’ membership expiry date and your staff can make a call to remind and redeem membership.

Stock (Product) management
Our software helps you to take control of your inventory centralize your vendor and products lists so that you don’t fall short for any products.

Tailored for you

Our software to manage your spa business with a modern experience without any hassles or delays to provide you paperless intake form and elevate the customer journey. We are a true solution for the need of multi location spa business.

Let us assist you grow your business

We have made our software user friendly and keeping in mind to make you and your business a success investing less time administering it. We will help you reach your complete business potential.

Replace your management strategies and relocate your data eliminating traditional method.

Increase your ROI modernize your customers have an easy way to establish your business with our software supporting your unique way of doing business. Our software that are technically perfect and works beautifully and we house a team passionate about their results.