Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response Solution is the service which accepts the calls, collect information and direct the call to proper recipient. It accepts the calls in the combination of voice and keypad selection and provide with correct responses in voice form, return SMS and calls.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a computerized telephony framework that cooperates with guests, accumulates data and courses calls to the fitting beneficiary. IVR arrangements are normally planned to administration high call volumes, decrease cost and enhance the client experience. Case of normal IVR applications are phone managing an account, Master card administrations, client bookings and more. Organizations likewise utilize IVR administrations to extend their business hours to all day, every day operation. The utilization of IVR arrangements or IVR administrations permits guests' questions to be determined without the requirement for lining and acquiring the expense of a live specialist. In the event that guests don't discover the data they require or require further help, their calls are frequently exchanged to a specialist. IVR arrangements or administrations make for a more proficient framework in which operators have more opportunity to manage complex cooperation. The specialists don't manage fundamental request that require yes/no reactions or acquiring client points of interest.

Interactive Voice Response Includes
Interactive Voice Response
Voice Service

innOvator Web Solutions provides advanced Voice SMS service - full-featured, comprehensive, easy to use solution for bulk voice call traffic to enhance your operations and assure better customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response
Toll Free Number

A toll-free telephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number

Interactive Voice Response
Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist is a person who performs the duties of an on-site receptionist while working in another location or it could also be an automated answering system that offers you a range of options to handle.

Interactive Voice Response
Missed Call Alert Service

Missed Call Alert service provides the facility to the subscribers to get notified about the calls being made by the users in regard to their interest in a particular kind of product or service.

Who Can Use IVR solutions?

IVR solutions can be practically implemented by any industry due to widespread advantages it delivers for the business organization. It is worth noting that industries like real estate have benefited to a great extent as they receive huge number of calls from people all over to know about their current real estate projects. We can setup the IVR system to automate the process in real estate companies. Call centers and BPO's- end to end solutions for setting up your new BPO business and managing existing ones Providers and content aggregators- intelligent solutions to deliver your content to a large audience Travel Services and Hospitality- give precise information to your customers and take your travel services to the next level Retail and Food Service- intelligent customer care service solutions for quick order, order tracking, etc.

innOvator Web Solutions has worked with a wide range of companies across different industry verticals and are capable of delivering the best of IVR solutions in a cost effective manner.

Benefits of Using IVR Solutions
  • Increased FCR (first contact resolution)
  • Increased customer service efficiency
  • Increased agent and company efficiency
  • Reduced cost on customer support
  • Increased professional approach
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Interactive Voice Response
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