Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship management is a procedure that continue towards dealing with an organization to work together with present and potential future client. CRM is a best device to help little organizations bargain develops with the pivotal errand of dealing with their contacts, accomplices, drives, suppliers, sellers and associations.

One of the best practices of utilizing CRM, we can track everything around a lead and open doors in which customers have taken an interest. It makes a long-term relationship between the clients as we can track all our client cooperation through CRM.

A Content Management System is a PC groupware which help improvement and altering of advanced substance utilizing normal interface. Content administration is one of the critical demonstration that for overseeing information of specific customers.

How It Works
Login Panel
  • Multiple users are given authority to login
  • This authority can be given only by admin
Alert Panel
  • Person logged in can view the latest alert in the popup
  • Today's latest alert as well as other alerts can be viewed here
Dashboard Panel

Person logged in can view the following :

  • Last five day's Invoice
  • Last five day's Pax(s)
  • Last five day's Leads(s)
  • Alerts
My Leads Panel
  • You can view the list of leads & also create a new leads
  • There is an edit option given for every particular record in the list so      that it can be edited or changed
  • We also provide BOOKED LEADS record list were you can view all the      leads which are booked with the record of booking date, departure      date, total cost, amount received, dues, next follow up, & so on
  • ALERT is also been provided on this page for users to view his status
  • Invoice records are also maintain in it
Sales Report Panel
  • Record Of sales are been maintained according to particular date and      year
  • Pricing can be calculated automatically on opportunities, quotes, and      orders
  • You can promote special offers, seasonal deals, and product launches      through price lists
  • You can give specific customer types special offers
  • You can provide volume pricing through Discount Lists
MIS Panel
  • To keep track of all present and future customers.
  • To identify and target the best customers.
  • To let the customers know about the existing as well as the new      products and services.
  • To provide real-time and personalized services based on the needs      and habits of the existing customers.
  • To provide superior service and consistent customer experience.
  • To implement a feedback system.
User Panel
  • Admin can create new user
  • It shows the list of users registered in two category Administrator &      Executive.
My Stuff Panel
  • This Module is use to alert or communicate with customer through      email
Visa Panel
  • The System automates the entire work flow through the visa      facilitation process. The automated system will create and maintain a      knowledge repository for visa details
  • Customer Interface : This interface is designed to accept requests for      online visa and keep a track on the number of requests.
  • Administrative Interface : As the name suggest, this is the back end      process where visa requests, accounting and customized reports are      prepared
Master Panel
  • Record of all distributors are been maintain
  • Users can also create new Distributor
  • Record for organisation, products, reference, departure, hotels, meals      & so on are been maintained
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