Appointment Management

Appointment Management

The appointment management software is one of the automated software which gives our customers an easy way to access and schedule meetings, calls and appointments, this also improve our customer experience.

Appointment management is real time software which allows clients to quickly make an appointment self-booked by them a schedule it as per their requirement depending upon the availability.

Features Appointment Management
  • Automatic appointment confirmations is done.
  • Automatic appointment reminders are given to the customers.
  • Flexible appointment searching feature is provide as per the customer requirement.
  • New appointment notifications features is included
  • Customizable registration can be done.
  • Custom scheduling rules
Benefits Appointment Management
  • Send unique messages based on appointment type done by the customer
  • Supports both email and voice notifications which remind them about their schedule.
  • Improved arrival times to keep you on schedule and plan your day accordingly.
  • Automatically update appointment status with call results.
  • Improved collection processes and revenue stream.
  • Elimination of expensive paper-based mailing campaigns which indirectly reduce cost.
  • Secure and compliant customer messaging via the email, LAN and cell phones.
How It Works
Login Page
  • Admin are been provided by the login id and password through which       they can manage the appointment.
Appointment List
  • Through this module admin can view the list of appointment.
  • There is a option to create new appointment.
  • Search parameter is been provided which makes easy for admin to        search for a particular user by name, contact no., location or       appointment date
Create New Appointment
  • Admin can create new appointment through New contact or existing       contact
  • With the feilds like name, contact no., appointment date, locations,        slots, stuff to b handle by, purpose, remark and so on.
  • Below he can also view the list of appointments
View Appointment Details
  • By clicking on the particular date of appointment you can view all the       detail of the user
List Of Today's Appointment
  • Admin can view the list of today's appointments
  • With user full details.
List Of All Contacts
  • Admin can view the list of all contacts of user till date.
  • Search parameter is also been provided to make it easy for admin to       search by name and contact no.
User Management
  • Through this Admin can create accounts for his under hand person to       handle the appointment process.
  • Admin can create multiple account as per he needs no limit.

This software is provided by multiple masters :

  • Location Master
  • Slot Time Master
  • Appointment Slot Master
  • Stuff Master
  • Purpose Master
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